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Day 1: Pushing into the Classroom

In many cases, serving the kids on your caseload in the most efficient and effective way possible means pushing into the classroom! Learn more about this style of practice so you can feel more confident and prepared!  

Day 1 includes: the benefits and challenges of pushing into the classroom, push-in quick wins, and more!

Day 4: School Therapy Challenges

There are plenty of ideas and resources that can help keep school-based therapists from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned out.  

Day 4 focuses on: team communication, group management, working on a tight budget and in small spaces, and more!

Day 2: Alternative Seating

Using alternative seating can be a great way to give kids subtle movement experiences throughout the day to support their learning! Find out more about helping kids and teachers develop an alternative seating strategy for the classroom!  

Day 2 includes: the benefits of alternative seating, how to introduce alternative seating, alternative seating options, funding sources, and more!

Day 3: Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is a complex and multi-faceted area of development, but the good news is that there are tons of fun and engaging ways to work on all of the many skills that kids need to maintain a regulated state throughout the school day and beyond.  

Day 3 includes: an explanation of self-regulation, self-regulation red flags, helping kids develop self-regulation, and more! 

Day 5: Fun & Creative Treatment Ideas

This is probably our favorite part of school-based therapy, so we're sharing all of our favorite and most pouplar treatment activities and ideas!  

Day 5 includes: core strengthening activities, hand strengthening activities, group games for kids, handwriting resources, balance activities, and more! 


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