Printable Halloween Activity Pack

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Our brand new Halloween Activity Pack!

30 Pages of Printables

8 Fine Motor & Gross Motor Activities

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Tired of the same boring old Halloween activities?

Need fun and interesting ways to address skills like: drawing, visual perception, visual motor integration, cutting with scissors, creativity, coordination, and more?

This Halloween Activity Pack is for you!

The best part? 100% of proceeds from this activity pack will support programming at our non-profit organization, The Treehouse!

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What's inside...

Goblin & Ghoul Training Camp

Halloween Drawing Pages

Print the Goblin & Ghoul Training Camp cards and have kids take turns choosing a spooky training activity! Print the prompt cards double-sided with the bats on the back.

Follow along with the rhyme to add details to each Halloween-themed drawing page! Great for working on visual motor and direction-following skills.

Halloween Gross Motor Bingo

Complete the Pattern Page

Use the calling cards to call out different gross motor activities. As kids complete each one, they can mark it off on their Bingo boards until they get 5 in a row!

This cutting page is great for working on scissor skills AND visual processing. Kids cut out the pictures and use them to complete each spooky pattern.

Halloween Play Dough Mats

Halloween Counting Clip Cards

Fun designs for kids to use as inspiration for making their own play dough creations! Includes: a pumpkin patch, haunted house, monsters, and more!

Hand strengthening and counting practice are super fun with these colorful printable cards! Use with clothespins or other clips for kids to indicate their answers.

Halloween Seek & Find

Skeleton Visual Activity

A great visual challenge! Kids have to search closely to find all of the Halloween-themed images hidden in the design!

Use colored craft sticks (skeleton bones!) to replicate the patterns on each printable prompt card.

I want 30 pages of printable Halloween activities for only $12.99!

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All of our play groups are facilitated by pediatric therapists who are trained to identify strengths, deficits, and delays in order to modify play activities so they meet the needs of every child in the group.  

The organization is funded by donations, sponsorships, and grants. The Inspired Treehouse also provides funding for The Treehouse through projects like this Halloween pack!

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