The Digital Membership from
The Inspired Treehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for groups & school districts?

YES! We offer discounts for groups of 3 and up, with a year-long commitment paid upfront. See pricing below:

Groups of 3 to 5 - $10.79 per person, per month

Groups of 6 to 9 - $9.59 per person, per month

Groups of 10 to 19 - $8.39 per person, per month

Groups of 20 to 29 - $7.19 per person, per month

Groups of 30 and up - $5.99 per person, per month

Email us at to inquire about group orders!

Do I have to have a PayPal account to sign up for a membership?

For individual orders, a PayPal account is required, as PayPal is the processing platform for the monthly payments.

For group orders (as described above), we are able to accept POs and payments via credit card for the year-long membership cost. Credit card payments are processed by PayPal, but do not require an account.

Are all of the products in the Inspired Treehouse shop included in the membership?

No. The products in our shop (ebooks, courses, printable packs, virtual games) are not included in the membership and must be purchased separately. We do give away FREE digital products to our members almost every month!

What ages are the activities and handouts designed for?

Our monthly activity plans are geared toward kids in preschool and elementary school. However, we routinely adapt the activities to meet the needs of slightly older students as well. Each activity page includes ideas about how to adapt the activities to grade the challenge for different ability levels.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Individual members can cancel anytime by signing into the account dashboard and clicking on the link that says "Cancel".

Group discount members pay upfront for the entire year, so there is not an option to cancel.

Are the activities appropriate for kids with more significant needs?

Each activity page should be used as a jumping off point to inspire different variations for the kids on your caseload. Each month's activity plan will also include a section on how to adapt and modify the activities to ensure appropriateness for kids with more significant cognitive and physical challenges.

It says you'll only be accepting new members once a year - do I have to sign up again when you reopen the enrollment?

Nope! You only sign up once. This just means that we will only offer enrollment for NEW members once each year. Each time we open up to accept new members, the enrollment will be open for one week. If you're already a member, you don't need to do anything!

Will the activities work for home programs and virtual therapy?

Definitely! While the activities were designed for in-person treatment sessions, we heard you all loud and clear when you asked for adaptations for distance learning and virtual sessions!

That's why we added sections to each monthly activity plan describing how to adapt and modify the activity ideas for these formats.

When will each month's activity plan be available?

On the first of each month, the member page will be updated with a new activity plan for the following month so you can plan ahead! For example, if you sign up in August, you'll get access to the plan for September. On September 1st, the plan for October will be listed and linked on the member page. This page continues to grow with new activity plans each month!

What's in the printable library?

The printable library is one of the main features of the membership experience, with more than 100 professionally-designed downloadable handouts, as well as colorful and creative printable activities that you can begin using right away!

Share the handouts with families and other professionals, print the activities over and over to use during therapy sessions or to send as home activities.

The best part? We'll be adding new handouts and activities to the printable library every single month, so it will continue to grow!

Email us at to inquire about membership rates for teams and school districts.